We used to encounter a whole range of malware attacks, including the likes of Conficker, and when students’ devices didn’t work they blamed our network! Since using CounterACT, we’ve suffered no malware attacks at all.

Rob Stockton
Head of IT Services at Glyndŵr University

Aerohive gave us the best fit. Even if an Access Point goes down, it simply doesn’t matter. We can be confident our clients and delegates can still work productively. Compared to my experience of competitors Aerohive is simply easier. It just works!

John Branigan
Head of IT, etc.venues

This was quite a simple project, but these are the ones that quite often go wrong and give the biggest headaches. In this case it couldn’t have gone smoother, all we needed was for Evolve to make the tea and bring the biscuits, and then it would have been the perfect project!

Ashley Scammell
IT Manager

We have worked with Evolve for a number of years and they have a habit of introducing us to the type of technology that really interests us. With Palo Alto, Evolve have helped us build a platform that allows us to improve the granularity of our security posture.

Gary Martin
System Administrator for AVEVA

I have had a good experience of Barracuda Networks’ products over the past three and a half years as I couldn’t fault its Spam & Virus Firewall. Evolve Secure Solutions Ltd were really helpful and I had a high degree of confidence that the Message Archiver would do the job.

Tony Whelton
Director of IT development and services

The capital outlay on Barracuda’s technology is quickly paying itself back through huge reductions in time IT staff spend on managing email security, as well as the increased productivity for staff working remotely. It has reduced our reliance on VPNs.

Ru Gardner
Howden’s Security Team